Member Benefits

As a Member of the AMBC you’ll be joining a community of like-minded individuals from small, medium and large businesses who are passionate about the opportunities that exist between Malaysia and Australia and are actively seeking to expand their business, networking and cultural exposure.

The AMBC provides a forum Internationally, Nationally and at an individual state level to work with businesses and government to explore cultural, economic and networking opportunities, promote discussion and learning and to facilitate the dissemination of information about conducting business in Malaysia specifically and SE Asia in general.

The strong relationships with both the governments of Australia and Malaysia allows the AMBC to represent Australian businesses interests directly to the appropriate Ministers and Government Departments and is able to facilitate representation of member’s concerns, suggestions and requests.

Quite simply as a member of the AMBC you’ll have access to the most up to date information about Malaysia and the Malaysian business environment and access to the expert advice on conducting business in Malaysia.

The AMBC in conjunction with DFAT, AUSTRADE and their respective Malaysian counterparts conducts research and analysis of the business conditions and opportunities that exist between the two countries and provides this information to members at no cost.

The AMBC has strong ties with our sister Council the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) and through joint representation the respective governments provides a strong platform for the joint councils and members. Membership of the AMBC also provides guest membership of the MABC when traveling to Malaysia allowing AMBC members to attend MABC events and function.

In addition to our representative roles and expert advice, the AMBC conducts numerous activities throughout the year, providing informational, networking, exploring best practice and supporting the Malaysian government and community.

These activities include:

  • Trade Delegations both to and from Malaysia
  • Regular Networking functions in each state
  • Business briefing and opportunities to meet Australian and Malaysian Government officials
  • Regular newsletters and correspondence updating members on news, events and happenings both in Australia and Malaysia
  • Malaysia Australia Free Trade Agreement  (MAFTA) analysis and briefings
  • Joint AMBC/MABC conferences and events
  • The National Member Benefits Program, through our relationships with our sponsors the AMBC has negotiated preferential rates for members including airfares, hotels, business services and products. These preferential rates are available to all AMBC members and their immediate families and AMBC members are encouraged to support the businesses that support the council.
  • National Business Directory, the AMBC runs and maintains a national directory of members and their businesses and provides the opportunity for members to promote their business to other members and to work directly together. Members are encouraged to use the services of other AMBC members and to provide them with preferential rates if they are using their services.
  • National Malaysian Student of the Year Awards. Run annually these awards recognise Malaysian students studying in Australia who have made an outstanding contribution towards building and enhancing relationships between Australia and Malaysia.