The MABC was established on 1986 as a private non-profit organization that provides a range of services to its members relating to businesses in Malaysia and Australia. The Council is Co-patroned the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia and the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia.

The Council provides a platform for discussion and exchange of views aimed at developing commercial activities and promoting bilateral fraternity between Malaysia and Australia as well as assisting its members to address domestic and international issues relating to their companies and personnel as well as providing social and networking opportunities for its members.

AMBC/MABC Cooperation

While both councils are run as separate entities, there are significant synergies between the councils and as such, both councils aim to provide a united voice to Malaysian and Australian Governments on issues of bilateral trade and investment and matters relating to  business in Australia and Malaysia. Interaction and consultation between councils occurs on a regular formal basis and as does cooperation on projects that have significance to both councils.

This cooperation effectively means that both Councils have a strong presence on the ground in both countries, which allows access to the respective governments and departments at all levels and the timely raising and resolution of issues.